THUG2 CAPs (.PRK Files)

Welcome to my quick & dirty site for hosting THUG2 CAPs otherwise known as Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Create-A-Parks.  These parks were actually created with THUGPRO, a mod created by the community for THUG2.  The reason why I mention this is that the mod allows for a hack known as stacking and merging objects.  Because of this, they may not function properly or at all in normal THUG2, I’m not 100% sure as I currently am having issues running normal THUG2 on my system.  If you do some googling, you may be able to find a way to get these running in THUG2.  Otherwise, if you already own THUG2, you can download the THUGPRO mod free from their site.


Just find your “Save” folder in either THUGPRO or THUG2 and copy just the “*.PRK” file into the “Save” folder.  Then open up THUG2/PRO and load the created park.

FYI on a MAC it is inside the app’s package contents here:





Linux –

Win –




maybe this helps? watch near 5 min mark

Anyways…. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛


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